3D Visualization of Broken Arm

On september 16 of 2007, I took a ride on my 1982 yamaha seca 400 … I had just synced the carbs and the bike was runnin good… so good.. it caught me by surprise.  As I went through an s turn, the bike accelerated better than expected.  It was dark and my headlight was angled too low, which gave me little time to see the back side of the s-curve.  I hit the brakes and skidded into the curb which dumped me into the grassy median.  I would guess I was going 35 mph when I hit.  As I fell, my left hand instinctively tried to catch my fall.  Bad idea, because I heard my forearm shatter like a tree branch snapping, then I rolled 1 time onto my right shoulder (fracturing it).  I’ve been riding since 82 and this is my first accident.


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